Yes, I vigorously agree with Walter Morse's previous letter to the editor (andquot;Politicians need to take a stand to help our soldiers,andquot; Nov. 27).

There is a big need for Washington's political power to do more. The U.S. military occupation of Iraq has become an overly extended cavity of dehumanization, and needs to be alleviated. Who can blame soldiers for taking matters into their own hands? With tours of duty extended, it's no wonder the Army's desertion and suicide rates are at an all-time high. How many good soldiers, while fulfilling their military obligation with courage, experience hopeless psychological demoralization, especially due to irrational mechanical routine?

People have learned from history and do not willingly want to continue to make senseless mistakes which ruin our economy (gas prices, etc.), our military and our government's integrity to do the right thing.

America's directional aim needs to be humanitarian, not an instinct of war. Implementation of realistic withdrawal processes are long overdue.

Roger Wilson Galbraith, USN

Crescent City