In reference to M.J. Berry's letter to the editor (andquot;Crescent City's murals are 'pass, stagnant and hollow',andquot; Nov. 24).

I find it offensive that someone who has apparently done nothing (at least, I don't remember that name associated with the projects) has the chutz-pah to denigrate the efforts and creativity of those who actually have participated in those improvements. I, too, contributed nothing to those mural projectsnot time, materials, imagination nor the buildings that host them. I didn't even express an opinion on the projects when they were proposed.However, I don't sit on my elitist throne whining that no one begged me for my obviously superior views on the projects.

Please, M. J. Berry, do not profess to speak for me when you claim that we residents andquot;wince at the murals.andquot;You are welcome to your andquot;graffiti styled artandquot; wherever the authorities were too timid or lacked the resources to keep the vandals from defacing the areas anyway. Yes, I remember what was happening in the '80s and why. Sorrythat was not art, fine or otherwise. Graffiti is blatant, in your face disrespect for all who aspire to American values such as property rights. Graffiti is NOT andquot;freedom of expressionandquot; unless you own or otherwise have a right to the surface on which it is andquot;expressed.andquot;

I remember another form of andquot;artandquot; that surfaced in that time frame, and again, many of us had to be andquot;educated.andquot; You can submit a crucifix in a jar of urine as art if you want. You can trample on the faith of millions when you do. You can even expect us to pay for it, as in that instance. Then you can look down your nose at those who find no value in that andquot;artandquot; as uneducated simpletons. Well, I resented that. As a taxpayer, I resented paying for it, too.But you cannot even complain about paying for the murals.

If, M.J. Berry, you do not like the murals or any of the other beautification or improvement projects, then next time get involved. If you truly do have talent, insight, and an abundance of andquot;astuteness,andquot; then bring it, along with money and elbow grease.

Just leave the andquot;smarter than you, holier than thouandquot; attitude in the trashI'm sure Del Norte Disposal will know what to do with it, Ph.D or no.

Jim Norton

Crescent City