This is regarding the Triplicate article about the arrest of the people with a bomb in their car (andquot;Bomb found in car along Hwy. 101,andquot; Nov. 6). I bet those guys are really kicking themselves; had they thought it through and realized they could have gone through Fort Dick and not been pulled over for speeding, they would have reached their destination.

People go through Fort Dick all the time with no worries about getting pulled over. I guess it's a good thing that the bombers were not using their heads and went speeding down 101.

For some reason, law enforcement doesn't seem to come out here often. If only one officer actually sat and just used his radar gun in a secluded area, he would see the cars that speedeven through the school zone during school hours. The officer would not believe his eyes. If law enforcement actually gave out the number of much-needed speeding tickets deserved, they would get carpal tunnel from writing so many.

I have seen people go through the school zone while talking on their cell phones, with no regard for the children. Is law enforcement waiting for another andquot;Josh Lacy incidentandquot; to happen before someone pays attention?

I think something needs to be done about enforcing the speed in Fort Dick.

The next person will know, after reading this article, that they can go through Fort Dick, speeding and reach their destination without getting pulled over.

Penny Kramer

Fort Dick