In addition to providing eye exams, glasses and hearing aids for people in our community, the Brookings-Harbor Lions Club was able to purchase $2,500 worth of clothes for our local schools.

This was made possible through the efforts of the residents of Brookings-Harbor, Crescent City area towns, and Gold Beach, who dropped off their redeemable bottles and cans, along with plastic water bottles, in the Rubbermaid containers across from Ray's Market in Brookings. We have also provided our first hearing aid, and are in the process of providing our first cataract surgery, with the help of local doctors.

A special thanks to the employees of the schools who furnished a list of the sizes needed, and the manager and employees of Fred Meyer who sorted and sold us the sizes we needed at a fair price.

Besides the redeemable items mentioned above, we are also in need of used glasses, hearing aids, and cell phones. There is a basket inside the front Rubbermaid container for these items.

Call Carlo, (541) 469-3770, for large amounts of these items.

Carlo Pelaccio

Chairman Kans 4 Kids