The Del Norte High School Boys' Soccer Program and coaching staff want to thank each and every one of the parents, individuals and 33 sponsors and the community in general for all the support given during the entire soccer season.

For the last three years, the soccer team has enured several economic blows including theft, vandalism and cutting of nets, but with the help of the generous members of our community, we are still standing. Soccer is a growing sport in our community, and the Warrior soccer program carries a group of 45 kids and two teams, with 25 kids on the varsity team and 20 on the junior varsity team. The soccer program continues to grow. As it grows, the players and coaching staff continue to improve and maintain the skill level shown during the seasons.

The level of success is hard to define; it depends on your point of view, on how you define success. Since 2005, the DNHS soccer program has maintained three winnings seasons (9-7-3) (7-6-2) (7-6-2). Equipment improvement, introduction fo technology on the field, support from the community, parental involvement, positive trips to the Santa Rosa area for tournaments, equipment for speed and drills, etc., have all helped us increase our success and achieve our goals.

As the Warrior soccer program grows, expectations and responsibilities do, too. Winning in the conference is not enough; winning the league is a must so we can measure our success. The boys work really hard every year during the pre-season so they can make the team. During the 10 weeks of soccer they display their best skills and play their hearts out in every match. In my position, I could not be more pleased with the boys. They are very dedicated and I couldn't be more proud.

Like I said before, it is all about the point of view. For the last three seasons we are heading in the right direction, doing fundraisers, spaghetti dinners, crab feeds, hat and sweatshirt sales, advertising on the soccer fields, etc.

All of this is only possible because of youthe Community of Crescent Cityand the unsung heroes. Thank you very much and we hope to continue and increase this relationship with the community and the young athletes in town.

Gilberto Rodriguez

Del Norte High School soccer coach