All the emphasis on cease and desist violations at our sewer plant has got me thinking about our major inflow and infiltration problem with the collection lines.

With the vast increase during our wet months because of the Iandamp;I, it appears our lines are Swiss cheese. Now here is where I think all our concerns should focusinstead of the sewer plantif all this leakage is there, aren't the lines leaching andquot;outandquot; raw sewage year round?

What with all the worry about underground tanks leakingaren't our sewer lines far more dangerous and apparently far and away more volume?

So our emphasis should be there. We kill two birds.

1) Stop contamination of our whole city and 2) The volume needed to be processed at the sewer plant. Would the cost be in addition to the $42.5 million? I'll bet yes.

James Snow

Crescent City