In response to the guest editorial piece andquot;Hoodwinked by parks serviceandquot; (Nov. 1) in The Daily Triplicate, I would ask our community to act rationally when commenting on the disposition of the Mill Creek Acquisition. There are potential recreational opportunities for all, but taking a stance of confrontation and sarcasm will only diminish the process. It is irresponsible to try and force a costly bureaucratic NEPA review at taxpayer expense when other options exist, nor should we continually expect government welfare handouts every time there is a change in land use designation. The presence of these parks is integral to our community, contributing to its uniqueness, vitality, and providing an abundance of recreational activities. Many in the community are working with the tourism dollars current park management practices have drawn; it is disingenuous to say the parks service does not care when you are unwilling to work with its potential.

If off-road vehicle access is your concern, refrain from inaccurate claims there is no place to ride them. Opportunities abound in Six Rivers National Forest that trails through the acquisition could connect with by positively influencing the plan. Unfortunately elements in this community have threatened lawsuits over OHV access in the past creating an adversarial relationship with the parks service that will be difficult to patch. Furthermore, enthusiasts of this activity continue to drive these vehicles illegally over environmentally sensitive areas, causing the regulations and enforcement to be increased. It is hard for the non-OHV owing taxpayer to support new trails when this kind of abuse is prevalent.

Remember, the one thing you have full control over is taking personal responsibility for your own actions. If some wish to come together and work with the parks service, show they can act responsibly and rationally, I am sure the community will come to your aid with compromise beneficial to all. In the meantime, I ask everyone to support your State and National Parks, and if providing comments, to do so constructively.

Ron Ziblis

Fort Dick