It will be the greatest show to ever hit Crescent City. A free, live event will be featured at our Cultural Center on Nov. 5, at 6 p.m. that will rival anything you have paid to see in this town for some time. It will be a City Council meeting unlike any other seen up to this point.

What's the big deal about a City Council meeting? This one begins with a tally of protest votes against the sewer rate increase. Next, two new ordinances will be voted on that ultimately will take thousands of dollars out of most of our individual pockets.

Starting with the vote of protest, a local group, despite time constraints, has accumulated over 1,400 signatures of protest against the sewer rate hike. That number is growing fast as the Nov. 4 deadline is approached. There 1,400-plus signatures do not include the protest votes delivered directly to City Hall. There are 3,744 rate payers, meaning 1,873 protests are needed to defeat the rate increasemaybe. That andquot;maybeandquot; involves 2,000 notices that were sent out to non-rate payersdevelopers and speculators that stand to make a big profit at rate payers' expense. Will the City Council stack the deck against the rate payers? Show up and see.

We all know that City Hall has begun the controversial construction of a sewer plant valued at roughly twice all the city's other assets combined. The new plant will ultimately serve twice the number of residents already hooked up to the system.

This will be the best show in town. You should pry yourselves away from whatever you are doing to attend the event. Brink the kids to lear how government really works. Bring you tape-recorder and camera; these will be precious moments that should last forever. There is no cover charge, they don't pass the basket and you can even speak your mind for up to three minutes, as long as you don't cuss.

Jeff McCaddon

Crescent City