There have been a number of statements made in the editorial section lately that are blatantly not true (regarding wastewater issues). And the opponents know it. It's time for everyone to hear the real facts and they should apologize for the misinformation campaign. A recent letter stated that the outfall replacement fixed the winter flow problems and there are no summer sewer problems. The outfall is only part of the fix. If it fixed the problem, there wouldn't have been popping manholes this past winter. The plant needs bigger pumps. The city violated its permit again this summer due to poor discharge quality. Sounds like a summer sewer problem to me.

The same letter said that the sewer connection fees are some of the lowest in the state. State documents say the median sewer connection fee is $2,800. The city charges $6,450. How is that the lowest in the state?

Friday's op-ed piece (andquot;Rate hike unfair to residents,andquot; Nov. 2) stated that the city is building for stages 1 and 2 for dry weather flow up to 3.5 million gallons per day (mgd). The only stage 2 work is the outfall and that is for wet weather flow. The first membrane bioreactor (MBR) has always been a stage 1 project since the completion of the facilities plan. Stage 1 is onlly designed for 1.86 mgd which is what the plant is permitted for. The EIR that is constantly quoted was prepared long before the Value Engeneering and final design with the project scaled back. All this information has been presented at the public meetings. It is clear to me that the opponents are in denial about this project. They should be quoting the right documents and facts if they truly want to be trusted by the community.

Richard Enea

Crescent City

Council Member