One of the joys of living in Crescent City is the array of local, small town events we celebrate together. Parades, homecomings and special events like Sea Cruise give us the opportunity to see old friends, meet our neighbors, show our support and celebrate the things that make us special. It's fun to see our community shine with decorations and smiles during these events.

I would like to take a minute to thank Ron Gastineau, Sarah Costner, Rich Enea, Patti Pearcey and the TripliCat for helping with both the homecoming and Halloween parades. I would also like to thank those local folks who stepped forward and helped when traffic control became a problem. I don't know where communications broke down, but traffic was a real issue during both events.

As residents of our lovely community, we enjoy uncrowded streets, free parking, easy commutes and a lack of traffic jams; however, some of us have become very lax in our driving habits. We roll through stop signs, ignore school zones and disregard traffic cones and street closures. We are all in a hurry and hate to be inconvenienced in any way.

To those of you who missed (or just ignored) the newspaper ad, radio PSAs and street clusure signs we used to alert you to the street closure during the two recent parades, I am sorry you felt inconvenienced. To those of you who felt entitled to disregard those traffic cones and signs and drive on through, shame on you ... you spent more time arguing with the Viking than it would have taken to drive around. Those cones that were blocking the streets of the approved parade route were meant to keep those participating in the parades safe. They were meant to keep people from harm.

It's important to remember that the relaxed lifestyle our community enjoys should be enjoyed by all. We have many things to celebrate in this samll town we call home. Try and remember why you live here and be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Cheryl Corpstein

Crescent City