This August we celebrated our fourth year doing Troop Support; we're not large, rather small, and made up of loyal fans who have helped us all these years in making sure a home connection is kept with our servicemen and women. They are so grateful and this we hear from their familes as well as those soldiers who have laptops with them.

We thank Ruth Borel and the Quilt Guild who have committed to making us 250 Christmas stockings. I recently spoke to the group about our program and they generously took up a collection for mailing costs. (We use the flat rate $8.95 boxes that hold two stockings along with DVDs, etc.)

We sent 39 boxes in September. Snack boxes are heavy as we send canned fruit, ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs and refried beans with flour tortillas for burritos. We emphasize non-sugary snacks. They love jerky and tuna, so we are looking for a marked source of U.S. processed tuna, salmon and smoked salmon. Can anyone help?

Some soldiers are coming home, so we have room for new names if you have any; military personnel don't have to be from here. Please call me at 464-9146.

Del Norte High School now has a Troop Support club.

I need sports magazines, comic books and DVD's.

Jan Martin


Troop Support Crew

Crescent City