Congressman Thompson, Speaker of the House Ms. Pelosi, Senator Boxer, and Senate Majority Leader Reid and United States taxpayers:

I beg of you to please help our community. Instead of spending $30 to $60 billion (1 billion = 1,000,000 million) on the SCHIP Program for children's health, perhaps you could be so kind and considerate to redirect 1 billion of our taxpayer dollars to support our community of Crescent City and 23 other similar communities in upgrading our government controlled sewer/wastewater treatment plant which is in dire need of repair. No new administrator and bureaucrats need hiring since they are already in place and receiving salaries, saving millions for the taxpayers.

Healthy children need flushable toilets, bathing and clean clothes. A clean child is a healthy child. Parents can use the savings on sewer fees for their own children's health care. Do you want children's health run by the same authorities that run wastewater treatment plants? Remember, andquot;It's For The Childrenandquot;.

Kenneth Esselstrom

Crescent City