I am stunned by the comments made by Lenda Beck in her response to Wesley Nunn's Letter to the Editor regarding the supposed andquot;police brutalityandquot; case in Crescent City involving her son (Letter to the Editor andquot;Cops need to be watched, whether some believe it or not,andquot; Oct. 23).

She claims to have started the local chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, yet doesn't comment on the fact that her son was driving while intoxicated in a vehicle containing young children. I would assume that she would be a little more concerned about that fact. I am also a mother ... I have three sons. They have been raised to respect law enforcement and also have been taught that if they do something wrong, there will be consequences.

Her son drove drunk, while on probation, in a car full of kids. He didn't stop when he was supposed to. Then he got out of his vehicle and ran. Then he resisted arrest. And the arresting officers are the villains here?

Let's say, for example, that her son hadn't been stopped. Let's say, for example, that instead he had gotten into an accident and one or more of the kids he was driving with had been killed. Who would the villain have been in that situation? I think instead of trying to destroy the reputations of the law enforcement officials who stopped and arrested her son, she should be thanking them for getting him off the road before he killed himself or someone else.

My 21-year-old son was recently in a serious accident involving a drunk driver in Arizona. He was almost killed. He received a serious head injury, memory loss, possibly permanent eye damage, wrist damage, a punctured lung ... he is extremely lucky to be alive. The worst moment of my life was receiving a phone call telling me that my son might die, and that his death would have been caused because of someone else's criminal stupidity.

Lenda Beck should be grateful that instead she received a phone call telling her that her intoxicated son was incarcerated and that the children he was with were okay. Instead, she's undermining the fact that her son very easily could have taken the lives of innocent children and giving him permission to pass the blame onto others.

No, cops aren't perfect. Yes, I'm sure that there are instances where police brutality is an issue and no, it isn't okay. In this situation, I think the bigger issue is that he was drunk and driving, obviously not for the first time, with a car full of kids.

Stop trying to place blame on everyone except for the person on whom it belongs, and that would be her son, who broke the law. Or are the only drunk drivers she's against the ones that she isn't related to?

Danielle Charlton

Crescent City