In spite of what's going on in the world and all the fodder for griping and moaning, there are people who get up every morning with the intention of making their small part of it a better place.

There is a woman with two German shepherds who walks around Beachfront Park every morning picking up trash left by thoughtless people.

I'm grateful to her and to Rick Foley of Home Depot for making sure that people who purchased Keyes backyard products can get tech support, and for people who pull over before talking on their cell phones. And the VIP's for making sure the handicapped people have a parking space, for people who smile and hold doors open, for my neighbor Barry for making our street a safer place, and for the parents who get up early on Saturday so their kids can play soccer.

If you take time to look around, there are good things happening.

Sharon McKinney

Crescent City