No sewer assessment increase now.

Reasons why:

1. SoC income under 11,000 per year for seniors, at $70 per month, $840 per year cost to seniors.

2. One bid? Two or three if you have a car wreck. Work done to your home is always more than one bid.

3. One resident home cost same as five resident homeor hotel or business. Unfair? Yes.

4. No study of eco-friendly system, eg: Humboldt area.

5. Is 218 being violated yet again?

6. No accounting for where our money already paid toward sewer assessments has gone.

Has the dotted line already been signed? I hope not, for all our sakes.

Is it time to consider a recall or a grand jury to get real answers? The IRS oversees our finances and taxes. Who checks the county's? We need to address the sewer problem in an open, sensible and honest way that benefits the citizens of our community fairly.

Myrna Kulcinski

Crescent City