Thank you for your thorough coverage of the sewage plant and it's financing and public meetings. I especially enjoyed Wednesdays gently probing letters to the editor, and the Saturday the 13th article revealing the building process (andquot;Wastewater wishes,andquot; Oct. 13).

There are some aspects I would like to know about concerning the city's research on the subject. Have reporters asked how many other sewage plants in comparable cities were studied for the most cost-controlled planning that could be used for our plant?

Similarly, was there a study done of the varied means of financing those other projects that might prevent burdening the most vulnerable of our population? It would be interesting to know why building is so far along before financing is settled. Is it too late to alter plans to reduce the cost? Is it too late to study and adopt another city's fairer means of financing the project?

I read Wednesday's article thoroughly, but still wonder.

Once more, why are the landlords and developers given more votes than private citizens? In the end, it will be private citizens paying the bill; renters rent will rise to cover the expense; home buyers will pay their own bills.

I would hope these questions will not injure the kindly relationship between the press and city council. Oh, by the way, why has there been no input from the Board of Supervisors? They might be concerned about we constituents in the county.

Mary T. Mills

Crescent City