I beg to differ with the person who said that big box stores will not benefit the area. Maybe there should be some statistics on just how many people are unemployed in this county that would love to have an opportunity to get an entry level job. How many people have a hard time affording what is offered here on limited incomes and make the trip to Eureka or Medford, Ore., to shop at places such as Food for Less, Winco and Costco.

Or, maybe people should go into Wal-Mart on the 1st and 15th and try to get basic household items. The basics fly off the shelf faster than they can be restocked and it is not just the locals, people are coming from over the border because so many elderly and limited income people can not afford to shop at Fred Meyer and Ray's.

Yes, there will be a lot of entry level jobs, but there are going to have to be more manager and assistant manager positions. There are many people that will be applying for those jobs too. When Home Depot held a mass application process at the fairgrounds, the building was packed with interested job seekers. These were people that needed to supplement retirements, able-bodied people that have been signed up with the work force agency, people receiving help from Social Services who would rather cash a pay check than a welfare check.

A lot of people would love to see more shops downtown. However, I do not feel that new small shops in the downtown areawould employ many people or do any better job at paying more than minimum wage or pay the huge cost to insure their employees. The fact is that most individually owned businesses will not last five years and also are family run and can not afford to employ outside workers.

Having that Super Wal-Mart just might keep bargain shoppers in the area, helping our economy instead of Eureka's and Medford's. The more the public can save, the more they can afford to spend on some of the finer things that existing and future downtown shops might offer.

Just as the other writer remembers a better downtown, I remember Del Norte County close to bankrupcy 20 years ago. I remember less than 15 years ago, home owners not being able to sell their homes and letting them go back to mortgage companies to find employment elsewhere. They had to replace the jobs they once had in the timber and fishing industry so that they could make any kind of living. Eight years ago I remember having a K-Mart store that competed with Wal-Mart.

Brenda Johnston

Crescent City