It is hilarious seeing and hearing all the whining and sniveling about andquot;Big Boxandquot; stores (Letter to the Editor andquot;Big Box stores coming to town won't benefit community,andquot; Oct. 13). Notice how Walgreen's and Starbucks are decoys in the same sentence as Wal-Mart. The barely disguised anti-union venom is really against Wal-Mart, which sustains many local people with good income and health insurance comparable, if not better, than most other local employers. If you don't like the new stores, don't shop there. But leave personal choice to the rest of us and new job opportunities for locals.

Nobody complained when Ace Hardware expanded or when other local stores expanded or remodeled. This area critically needs a full service Wal-Mart Super Center. Coos Bay, Ore., and Grants Pass, Ore., didn't fall apart and close down when Wal-Mart expanded.If you arewell off and can afford to shop anywhere, please do so. But the high percentage of area retirees and others who appreciate and need choices will be happy to seeWal-Mart expand as quickly as possible. In anycase, stop whining about Wal-Mart and shop anywhere you choose, union store or not, since all stores are not union.

Bob Douglas

Federal Retiree

Smith River