I don't doubt the importance of proper sewage treatment, yet I wonder why our ringleaders and former ringleaders didn't make maintaining our wastewater treatment facility a top priority, and take earlier actions to secure funds to take care of what is so necessary. Now their incompetence and lack of foresight creates a critical situationfor the citizens.

Does the city/county/state not carry some of the financial burden to provide this basic component of human civilization? If the only option is to have the citizens repaya massiveloan, who approvedcommencement ofthe work before the vote is completed, leaving us millions in debt with nothing to show for it if the rate increase is overturned.

Furthermore, I feel the rates should take into account occupancy or usage. Why should I alone pay the same as a couple with three kids? Why should I who lets the yellow mellow pay as much as compulsive flushers?

The high-ups say we must do this work to sustain the current population's usage, and then say we must do the work for community growth. It is not my responsibility to fund future flushers.

In addition, it is hard for me to feel optimistic about the wastewater treatment facility (locatedat the WORST possible spot in town) where in the last four years the plant operators didn't know that the two main chemicals they use should not be kept in the same room, then left the tanks to overflow creating a seriouslytoxic and dangerous situation where lives were at risk (The Triplicatecovered this briefly when it happened).

Bilking and blaming the townspeople for this mess is not the solution. Our government needs to be plunged free of the nasty old turds clogging up the pipes of progress.

Jo Lindosa

Crescent City