I'm not an activist, but I read the Triplicate every day. So when I saw an ad for public tours of the sewer plant last week I signed up for the first one scheduled.

I have an inquiring mind, and it's obvious how important the sewer plant is to all of us. So, like many others, I had questions and concerns regarding the current construction project. I wanted to see what this was all about and use this opportunity to become a more informed citizen, so off I went.

Lonnie Levi, the plant manager, led the tour. It was a complete tour from top to bottom and involved meeting some of the friendly staff. He explained the history of the old and deteriorating equipment, how it works, and how it barely keeps up with the demand we all put on it. He also pointed out the new equipment being installed and how it will bring the plant up to modern standards.

Even with all the construction going on I saw the place was clean and orderly and the staff was taking care of this important part of the city's infrastructure in a professional manner.

There was no time limit to the tour and every question was answered except one, which is, why was I the only person in all of Crescent City to show up?

Chuck Keeley

Crescent City