It's a fact. Most Americans, as well as the majority of Iraqi citizens, support disbandment of U.S. occupation forces tight-away (withdrawl). Experience and evidence indicates eruptive violence needs to be dealt with by intelligent solutions.

Efforts which work toward mobilization of new international peace processes increase effective capability to bring together divergent groups into a rational idealistic spirit of freedom. Long-range worthwhile consequences and the addition of advantageous conditions centered on peace. The economic reality is that this is an unsustainable war. Over 3,800 U.S. soldiers are now dead.

Rash and headstrong use of military force, N.S.A. (National Security Agency) torture, Blackwater mercenaries with no conscience and daily incidents of eruptive violence must be known as part of an inflated cancer recognized as the andquot;Industrial Military Complex.andquot; Ambassador and economist John Kenneth Galbraith used to aptly clarify this when he said, andquot;never before has the distance between reality and conventional wisdom been as great as it is today.andquot; Senator Barbara Boxer thinks of Iraq as andquot;the mother of all mistakes.andquot;

It's time to progress and finally move towards the big need for an honorable exit from both Iraq and Afghanistan. Effective efforts now depend on continuing to stand up and regain the future and to refute the horrible never-ending battle in the Middle East by peaceful means.

Roger Wilson Galbraith

Crescent City