The war against the Tolowa Indians continues to this day (andquot;Tolowa's somber history,andquot; Oct. 3).

Many Tolowa ancestors are buried next to the Narrows between Lake Earl and Lake Tolowa. The U.S. Army and the Department of Fish and Game are actively flooding the Tolowa's ancestral burial grounds. The Tolowa have petitioned the U.S. Army and the Department of Fish and Game to quit flooding their burial grounds to no avail.

The Department of Fish and Game are determined to flood the Pacific Shore Subdivision in order to chase out the property owners. The Fish and Game wants the land to add to their big coastal wildlife area, but in so doing, they also flooded the Tolowa's burial grounds.

The U.S. Army also doesn't care about Indian lands and willingly helps the Fish and Game in their flooding scheme by not giving permits to the county or landowners to breach the lake's sandbar in order to keep the land around the lakes from flooding.

The Army is apparently still at war with our Native Americans by disgracefully drowning ancestral burial grounds in defiance to the Tolowa's pleadings.

Jimmy Smith

Los Alamitos