I have a question for both the city and the harbor. I think the people that run these two bodies have never heard of global warming. As the ice caps melt, the threat of coastline flooding will become a reality.

But I do not see sea walls being built at our wastewater treatment plant. Why?

Will Crescent City have the only underwater wastewater treatment plant because of poor planning?

Will rate payers be asked to build the sea walls because people at City Hall did not think?

It may be a better time for the harbor. Maybe they should be talking to the Chinese, Long Beach did. Maybe Crescent City could become a new sea port to the Northwest passage and its undiscovered riches. Real jobs here, not the myth of tourism. We could become home to a sea-going barrages fleet, as the Federal governmentby all its rulesis killing our fishing fleet. Think about it.

We once had barrages taking goods in and out of our harbor.

Richard Miles

Crescent City