My husband, Doug, and I are planned for moderate growth. One of the things we do is to fix up derelict houses and then rent them out. In the 16 years that we have been married, we have never raised our tenants' rent. As a matter of fact, we currently pay the water/sewer bill for our tenants.

But all of that will change with the currently signed contract for $42.5 million debt at 2 1/2 percent interest over 20 years. In the first meeting on Sept. 11, I learned that:

1. The contract was open-ended, it had no cap.

2. Within three years, my bill would go from $491/year to $851/year.

3. This would NOT create hundreds of needed jobs for locals. It would create a few jobs for a few sub-contractors.

4. The rates would not go down, rather at the end of three years we would be back in the same position, which is to face more increases.

In the meeting held Wednesday, Sept. 26, I asked one question: Where is a copy of the signed contract? It was not provided to me. All I got was a disc with boiler plate bid language. I want to read exactly what this city government has committed us to. I was assured that it would be provided, and I'm still waiting.

With raising gas prices, inflation and so many on fixed incomesto name a few of our current problemsapproving $42.5 million debt is very hard to swallow.

These are some of the reasons we are protesting the sewer rate increase.

Donna Westfall

Crescent City