What's wrong with America? We no longer live in a free country. We live in a police country.

And to prove my point, the Del Norte County Sheriff's Department came to my homewithout a search warrantkicked in my front door, stun-gunned me in my living room, hand cuffed me and took me to jailtestimony from the horses mouth Deputy Devin Perry.

Let me tell you, the good old boys of Del Norte County are running this county, from the sheriff's department to the court house.

Let's talk about railroading defendents. Does Leroy Davies name keep coming up like the Brian Strom case? What about Christopher Dolan of the law firm in San Francisco stating that Davies should not be allowed to receive state or county funds because as a public defender he might be violating ethical and legal guidelines set by the California State Bar. andquot;In short, I think it's a disgrace,andquot; Dolan said. (andquot;Attorney's argument causes stir in court,andquot; Sept. 6).

What about the Curry County Sheriff Officer going to jail for a year for sexual favors in jail?

What is going on?

Our government officials are out of control. Our Constitution give us the right to control the government, not vice-versa. Such as illegal search and seizure and freedom of speech.

Some of our best patriots have stated such things as, the best patriot is the one who speaks out about his/her government.

From the lips of Patrick Henryandquot;Give me liberty or give me death.andquot;

Come on, get involved. It only makes a stronger, better community.

Robert A. Owen