Even with our viewing and listening technology, there still is no substitute for seeing a performer on stage doing what they do best in one performance without remastering or rerecording. For young instrumentalists and vocalists, this is a chance to learn about stage presence, technique and to marvel at the virtuosity that can be achieved. My parents took me to classical music concerts as a fifth and sixth grader and that greatly inspired my study of piano and violin, organ and later a major in Music Education. The concerts I saw were provided by a Community Concerts Association in Ohio.

Locally we are fortunate to have such a Community Concerts group still functioning in its 58th year here in Crescent City. Pianist Angela Jia Kim is scheduled to play in Crescent Elk Auditorium this Saturday September 22 at 7:30 p.m., and is dedicated to encouraging young students of piano.

Ryan Johnson, a seventh grader from Brookings was recommended by his teacher, Mrs. Itzen, to fill Angela Kim's request to meet with a local student pianist before the concert and to present them at the opening of the concert. This concert should be on the andquot;must goandquot; list for parents of piano students in the area. What better beginning to encouraging another school year of lessons and practice.

I know Ryan from four years of directing the Preparatory String Orchestra in Crescent City where he is also a violinist so am eager to hear his piano skills as well.

Our Del Norte-Curry Community Concerts Association (begun in 1949) is providing five concerts this 2007-08 season, consisting of piano, guitar, woodwinds and baritone vocalist. A second piano concert (a Van Cliburn finalist) has been added as a bonus in February. These should span the interests of many of your students. Give them the gift of live performance. It is also a pretty good bargain.

Ann Donati

Crescent City