After writing many letters to the Triplicate ... nothing has changed. The killer of Josh (Lacy) is still out there. And it sickens me. It makes me think, andquot;Who's next?andquot; Is the killer going to andquot;accidentallyandquot; hit someone else, leaving friends and family in shock and pain? Their selfishness is hurting all ofus. If they could have only stopped, and waited 5 minutes, Josh could still be here with us today!

Josh had the biggest heart I have ever seen. His heart was open to everyone, and he never turned down a friend. He was there, and would have dropped everything he was doing to help. He did it for me. Josh was in my algebra class, my weakest subject, and I could never understand any of it, or get my homework done. But Josh would sit there in class and help me with my homework, not caring to get his done, he always said, andquot;Don't worry, I can do it at home, helping you understand is much more important to me.andquot; But after he was taken fromus, there was just an empty desk sitting there next to me, and no one tohelp.Josh is my best friend.

He always listened, gave advise, and didn't go around telling everyone what we talked about. Even if he didn't know you, he was there. How could someone live with themselves each and every day, knowing what they did was wrong. Knowing they had killed someone. It makes you wonder, how many more people like them live near us. This isn't the end, this killer will be found.

Kayla Clower

Crescent City