I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Sutter Coast Hopsital for the wonderful care of my 2-year-old nephew, Brandon.

Brandon had traveled with his parents from the Portland, Ore., area to attend his great-grandfather's funeral service.

Prior to traveling to Crescent City, Brandon visited his Pediatrician in Portland, who said he was cutting teeth. On Friday, Brandon couldn't turn his neck and his parents took him to Sutter Coast Urgent Care. The nurse at Urgent Care advised Brandon's parents to transport him to the Emergency Room. The Emergency Room doctors and nurses were very helpful and a spinal tap was performed.

The Emergency Room team consulted with Dr. Rizvi, a traveling pediatrician from Texas who was in Crescent City for two weeks. Dr. Rizvi entered the room and examined Brandon and advised us that Brandon was seriously ill and needed to stay in the hospital. Sutter Coast Hospital was very accommodating and provided a large room for Brandon's overnight stay.

On Saturday morning, Dr. Rizvi was again in Brandon's room to give us updates on the infection and informed us that Brandon needed to have surgery. The family wanted to travel back to Portland, but Dr. Rizvi advised them that he would only authorize Brandon's release to a specialized hospital in Portland. The helpful Sutter Coast staff made all of the arrangements with OHSU in Portland and the medical team flew into Crescent City within a few hours to take over Brandon's care. Brandon had surgery the next day for a very bad infection in his neck and is well agian.

Thank you to Dr. Rizvi and Sutter Coast Hospital Staff for the excellent care and concern for Brandon.

Beth Enea

Crescent City