The other day, a person I know was pulled over for, of all things, a tinted window violation. Five days later, the fine arrived in the mail for a total of $872. There are felons committed to state prison for horrible crimes who pay much smaller fines. Trust me, I know! An $872 fine for a tinted window violation and an impatient officer who would not wait for the driver to locate their proof of insurance. Is it just a confused young officer or:

Are tinted windows a priority while Meth drug trafficking is dominating our county?

It's when our elected officials debate gay marriage while our bridges and roads collapse under our feet.

It's when we whine about the price of gas we pump into our SUVs, yet do not seem so concerned when brave Americans die every day in an oil-rich nation.

It's when our elected officials spend millions on a bridge to nowhere in Alaska while our nation is teetering on bankrupcy with a $9 trillion debt.

It's when grandparents are raising their children because this generation's parents won't.

It's when we are so concerned about one professional foodball team spying on another team, yet we do not even flinch as major corporations move companies to countries that do not share the same values as we do, so that they can hire someone for 1/10th the wage to maximize profits, at the expense of a strong United States of America workforce.

It's when our judges and elected officials are more interested in providing top of the line medical and dental care to murderers and rapists, and not interested in providing the same for honest, hard-working Americans.

Priorities folks.

So maybe this is what is meant by the trickle-down effect. When we can't prioritize what is important on the national level, we start pulling over honest Americans for window tint violations and assess exhorbitant fines. So you can imagine my sense of security when I pull out of my driveway to go to work with the knowledge that Crescent City's finest will be out there to ensure we don't have anyone violating the tinted window laws. I'm sure once we get that problem fixed, we can stamp out jaywalking in Del Norte County.

T. Kosloske

Smith River