Regarding Mr. (Jon) Alexander's andquot;Voice,andquot; (andquot;Real heros not hard to findandquot; Sept. 11), I am greatly disappointed that The Triplicate even printed it.

Sports figures, regardless of their histories, are not andquot;Heros,andquot; they are people who have made accomplishments in their professional life. As a 27-year veteran of law enforcement, to see an officer of the court compare a sports figure to a police officer, fire fighter or other emergency worker is, well, nuts. And as a person with a checkered past that has more checkers in it than a NASCAR flag, the only sports figures you can find to slam are Afro-American.

Since Alex Rodriguez is the most probable person to break whatever home run record Barry Bonds sets, are you going to slam him next? Historically, humans today live longer, are healthier, and have better options, legal ones, to become stronger and perform better in their lives. Although Michael Vick has disgraced himself, so did Pete Rose and Mark McGwire.

Why didn't you mention them? I have to question the purpose of your article, as it is quite racial and inappropriate for publication in this time of honoring our nations heros, those that keep us safe, both home and abroad.

I doubt any of our volunteer firefighters, CHP, police officers and sheriff's deputies ever would want to be compared to a sports figure, controversial or not.

Bruce Korsmeyer

Crescent City