andquot;I'm writing in regards to the andquot;Davies scandalandquot; (andquot;Attorney's argument causes stir in court,andquot; Sept 15). Well, I give accolades to Mr. Davies. It is about time someone fought tooth and nail against a corrupt District Attorney for their client by whatever means necessary, and if that andquot;meansandquot; calling lesbians irrational, then so be it.

I don't see Mr. Davies being so far off base. I'm a Christian and I too think homosexuality is irrational to a Christian moral code.

I also believe we have guaranteed freedom of speech. To my understanding, that means being able to voice your opinion without legal retribution.

People are screaming andquot;Mr. Davies works for the county and this kind of behavior is inappropriate.andquot; But wait, Mr Davies took an oath to defend his clients, not an oath to make county echelons happy.

Should Mr. Davies approach his job in a matter that he has to get permission from everyone in the county, and the D.A. as to what he can and cannot say in court?

I wish the District Attorney when doing his job had just a tenth of Mr. Davies integrity.

Mr. Davies is a good attorney and if I ever get in trouble with the law I hope to have him on my side.

Need I remind the community that the law of the land says andquot;we are innocent until proven guilty,andquot; and isn't it Mr. Davies job to protect the rights of his clients, the innocent.

I also know Mr. Farren. Roger is a very nice guy and I don't believe he would hurt anyone, ever. I believe Mr. Farren was simply exercising his First Amendment rights to freedom of speech.

The homosexual bandwagon needs to be stopped.

Robert Thiessen

Crescent City