Today, as I was riding my bike to school with my 8-year-old son, I encountered something that stirred a andquot;letter to the editorandquot; within me.

While we were crossing Pacific Avenue by way of the crosswalk, a woman with small children in her car was at the stop sign (with no turn signal on) at G Street. Thankfully, my son had finished crossing Pacific, but I was still in the middle of the crosswalk when she quickly made her left turn, a foot and a half away from the rear tire of my bike. I won't tell you her response after I advised her that her move was andquot;unsafe.andquot;

I just want to offer a friendly reminder to Triplicate readers that only one year ago, a kindergartener on his way home was struck by a car on Pacific Avenue. Thankfully, he was virtually unharmed.

Keep in mind that Pacific Avenue is a very dangerous road for kids that walk to school or choose to bike-ride. I think that adults and driving-age teenagers need to be completely aware of the risks and dangers to pedestrians on Pacificso close to both Joe Hamilton and Crescent Elkand to be on guard for these little ones.

Please use prudence when driving! Wait for those who use crosswalks to completely and safely cross the street until you hurry to your next destination.

Thankfully, my son and I arrived at his school intact. Because of the situation, we encountered today, we will be choosing an alternate route to school.

Robin Patch

Crescent City