I want to respond to the Triplicate's Saturday, Sept. 8 edition (Letter to the Editor, andquot;Davies' comments should be considered hate crimeandquot;).

Mr. Cupp, the author of the letter, says that Mr. Davies is committing andquot;hate speechandquot; against some lesbian women in court. While I think a different choice of words could have been used in court, I find that his words are correct, just not andquot;politically correct.andquot;

Mr. Davies does say that homosexual acts are andquot;against Biblical teachings, common sense and biological imperative.andquot; The Bible does speak against homosexual activity, and as you know, Mr. Cupp, there is a natural difference between male and female. Just as two magnets with either north or south polarity repel each other, two magnets with opposite polarity do attract each other. There sir, is your biological imperative and common sense.

Mr. Radison (Letter to the Editor andquot;Davies has been less than respectable with his clients,andquot; Sept. 8) states that Mr. Davies is stepping on a Constitutional andquot;separation of church and state.andquot; No where in our Constitution does that phrase exist. Pres. Thomas Jefferson used that phrase in writing a letter in 1802 to the Danbury Baptist church. Liberals like that ACLU have used that phrase to remove God from our public life, and look and the mess we are now in.

Our schools teach homosexuality is andquot;normalandquot; and stating otherwise is a andquot;hate crime.andquot; Now it is OK to attack the Christian church without that being a hate crime, but don't attack some abnormal behavior.

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City