High school is a big part of a teenager's life, especially in Crescent City. This is when we all get to see our friends, yet learn at the same time. I, as well as others, was very upset to find out how many rules have been changed and added this year. Our seven-minute passing time between classes was cut to five minutes. They hate for us to be late, but don't give us a long enough passing time.

Example: My 3rd period class is in E-8 and my 4th is in S-12 across campus. The walk alone takes a long time because getting through the crowded halls isn't easy. I can get there on time if I don't need to use the restroom or go to my locker. They have made going to the restroom during class so hard that even the teachers don't feel like going through the process and paperwork.

They need to realize our education is more important than silly rules. If teachers have to spend most of their time cracking down on every rule, when do they teach? I understand having rules, but there should be a line. How can wearing a hat in class disrupt our learning? We are more distracted by the teacher telling the person to take it off. In the time it took to tell the student to take it off, the class could have learned something other than that hats aren't allowed.

Another rule that doesn't make sense is no cell phones during lunch and break. As long as it's not in class, how is it a problem? We are a public school, not a private school. The whole uniform idea just doesn't work at all. The school gets money for every student that shows up, but no one is going to want to go to the high school when home school is easier.

These are just a few of our new problems as Del Norte High School students. I love my teachersI don't believe it's their fault. They don't make the rules, but I think if they did, everything would go more smoothly. Would we have to be forced to go along with his religion? We are allowed to have dances and it shouldn't change because his religion doesn't agree with it.

Che-Shup Hatter

Crescent City