I am a past resident of Crescent City. I made CC by the sea my home for close to 30 years, worked at the cheese factory, raised my children there, paid taxes and was generally humored by the goings on of that fair city. I moved back to my home state of Kansas because deep down I was nothing but a misplaced Kansas boy with that prairie dust still running thick in my veins.

It was once said about me that I was too liberal for the state of Kansas and to conservative for California. All I ever said about that was andquot;whatever.andquot; But to get back on track here, since I moved away last fall I have always taken the time out everyday to follow what was happening back in CC by the sea. I see Mr. Rumiano won his opportunity to build a condenser, which will be profitable to both the company and the community.

I see that the local police force still has its big city mentality. And it did not surprise me whatsoever to see that in the seat of power in Del Norte County, your elected officials have finally allowed their greed and their lack of common sense to shine brightly through by playing with the idea of legalizing pot to make a buck. I suppose that money is more important than the development of the mind and moral compass of your children. But like all politicians, andquot;better your children than theirs.andquot;

But what really grabbed my attention and made me stand up and take notice was when my wife Paula forwarded an article from the Triplicate concerning my friend Leroy Davies.

Leroy, they are going to try and crucify you. And the people are going to allow them to do it to you even though deep down they agree with what you had to say. But I for one sir will say openly that I stand beside you. I am neither homophobic nor am I a crusader to put down the gay community but for once someone has to stand up and say enough is enough. The gay community in almost every instances are tolerated and accepted into mainstream America and yes even back here in Kansas where the Christian right is more radical than a Taliban cleric.

But for the gay community to have in your face demands for more rights than you an I or for that matter in your face open display of their sexual preference is wrong. I could care less if you wanted to marry your dog, it's your thing, your life, and it's a free country but don't bring it to my front porch and demand that I allow you to practice that freedom there and that goes for the freakiest of the freaky straights.

I know some of you may feel that I am being harsh and yes I am but where is the balance of justice here? If I have an altercation with a gay man or woman then it is considered a hate crime but if I get into an altercation with JoeBlow down the street it is considered an assault.

Again no balance in justice and it only serves to feed this growing cancer of division. I might add this statement embraces all of our social woes but that is for another letter to the editor when some of y'all take offense to what I say.

Leroy may have chosen his words better; maybe I should have chosen my words more carefully but it is time for everyone to face the realities of what we are creating here in our nation. And if it takes one lawyer from Arkansas to shock the community, the state and even the nation to finally accept this fact then maybe our children will inherit a truly united country that is strong enough to take on the future and a slight problem of a few billion radicals who feel that the only way to get to heaven is to kill you an I.

So with that off my chest I'm going to go water my lawn and kill some bugs. I swear Kansas has some of the largest and weirdest bugs.

Dale A. Harvey

Wichita Kansas