I would like to comment on the official statement made in court by Del Norte County Public Defender Leroy Davies: andquot;Lesbians are unreasonable as a matter of fact, having violated all tenants of the Bible, common sense, and the biological imperative.andquot; (andquot;Attorney's argument causes stir in court,andquot; Sept. 6)

From what little I can remember of it, my own sexual orientation is definitely straight. I consider myself a little on the conservative side, but I am now appalled that things have reached such a point in Del Norte County that an officer of our court is allowed to make such a statement in open court as part of his official function there.

I am generally leery of any opinion exuding from San Fransisco, but I find myself not only accepting, but enthusiastically supporting, the response from San Fransisco attorney Christopher Dolan: andquot;I think this guy is offensive to the legal profession.andquot;

I would go further. I believe that such a public statement made by an officer of our court should itself qualify as a andquot;hate crime.andquot;

John P. Cupp

Smith River