Let me get this straight: $20 million for the sewer out flow pipe plus $42.5 million and counting for the sewer plant for a minimum of $62.5 million. According to the Triplicate (andquot;Residents call for vote on rate hike,andquot; Sept. 5), more than 5,800 notices were sent out to property owners. Does it make sense to saddle 5,800 people with that kind of debt?

Let's look at it from a different perspective. The pluses for the new sewer plant and the hoped-for growth it might engender are:

1. Real estate developers will profit

2. Businesses may profit if growth occurs

3. Some new low-paying service jobs may be created

The minuses are:

1. Increased sewer rates

2. Increased traffic

3. Increased noise

4. Increased waits at local businesses.

5. Increased wear-and-tear on the roads.

6. Increase in demand on local law enforcement and courts.

It seems pretty simplecosts outweigh the benefits. Don't do it. Write these protest letters now.

Kenneth Chapman

Crescent City