I thought I had seen everything until I received the mail Friday, Aug. 31. I found tucked inside all that junk mail a single piece of plain white paper folded in half: the Notice of a Public Hearing about the sewer rate increase.

I guess whoever put that notice there thought that, like me, most of us throw that mail away without looking through it. What an underhanded move that was, hoping that we would not receive it and thus be unable to respond to it. Shame on you.

The paper said that a Public Hearing will be conducted on the sewer rate increase by the City Council of the City of Crescent City Oct. 15 at 6:30 p.m. in the Council's meeting room at Crescent City Cultural Center, 1001 Front St.

If you want to protest the rate increase, you must do it in writing and send or hand-deliver it to the City Clerk, City of Crescent City, 377 J St., Crescent City, CA., 95531 before the deadline of Oct. 15.

You can also bring it with you to the hearing.

If written protests against the proposed rate increases are presented by the owners of a majority51 percent of the parcels now provided with sewer servicethe city will be precluded from implementing the proposed rate increases.

If you are against the rate increases, please respond accordingly.

James Gibson

Crescent City