I write to correct information in the Sept. 5 Letter to the Editor from Mr. Richard Miles (andquot;Teen center should not be under RHS umbrellaandquot;).

First, my thanks to Mr. Miles for all he does for the community. Our public forums and meetings are better because of his activism and his review of issues. Mr. Miles took time to write to the editor to challenge me on issues or projects. That is his rightalthough the facts may be inaccurateand I write today, not as a rebuttal, but to set the record straight.

Regarding the GP3 Youth Center Initiative, Rural Human Services is proceeding, without any fees at this time, to develop the program. RHS is working on a request made by the County Board of Supervisors in March of this year, to go forward to develop and operate a youth center for Del Norte County. RHS has discussed the youth center project on several occasions with the Boys andamp; Girls Club. We believe they will be an important part of the community-wide youth center initiative, and RHS continues to involve all parties who work with the youth of our community in the youth center project.

Now what is not acceptable, are attacks on the RHS organization, represented by the 40-plus staff and many volunteers who work each day to provide services to the people of Del Norte County.

RHS is a non-governmental organization that survives and does good work solely on the basis of grant and foundation funding. The good people of RHS and our volunteers touch the lives of over 2,000 people each month in Del Norte County. They help people in so many ways including food bank distribution, emergency food assistance, housing assistance, domestic violence help, assisted living, disability service assistance, natural resources services, community clean up, assisting businesses to improve performance, helping people get jobs or better jobs, and with English as a Second Language programs and many more.

In December, this same group of giving people and volunteers at RHS coordinate, without any grant funding, the Santa's Workshop program, and make sure that every child in the county that needs clothing or toys for Christmas has the opportunity to receive them based on the generosity of so many people in the community who donate to this effort.

RHS is like most agencies with over 20 years service to a communitywe have had some challenging years. So Mr. Miles at this time, join me in taking a step to the andquot;High Road.andquot; The road that we can all take that will focus on the strengths of the community and the great future for Del Norte County and the better future for those served by the staff of RHS.

Please continue your activism which means so much to the community, but if you have issues, direct them at me, and let the good work of the RHS staff and volunteers continue to improve the lives of so many in the community.

Larry Lakes

Executive Director

Rural Human Services, Inc.

Crescent City