First our city fathers spend approximately $20 million to expand the sewer-outfall line. Now they propose another $43 million to expand our sewer plant.

To add insult, we get a flyer in the mail that we must submit andquot;in writingandquot; to the city clerk by Oct. 15 if we andquot;opposeandquot; the rate increase.

Let's see:

1. The andquot;foxandquot; gets to count the votes.

2. They have already placed the cart before the horse.

Let me suggest that a more rational approach would be to place a ballot in with the next cycle of water bills and have the ballots returned to our county clerk's office for the official tally.

Remember the fiasco with the fire district's assessment vote? Let's not repeat the mistake. If it's not open and above-board, it's not honest.

James Snow

Crescent City