All is measurement.

Measurement is made by the carrying and transfer of information. All things that exist carry and transfer information, from entire universes down to the latest discovered smallest components of nature, the heterotic superstrings. That existence is a measure process, there can be no doubt.

The infant measures his strength and magnetizing ability by screaming his lungs out. Such information is well understood by his caretakers. In time, such woebegone noise sophisticates itself into the acquiring and use of words, much easier to use and far less consternating than the blood-curdling screams of babyhood.

Yet no matter who you are or where you are, from the first scream-infused breath you take to the last gasps of your dying body, you are carrying and conveying information ad infinitum.

The healthiest of all things is human curiosity. Why are we here? Where do we come from? Where are we going, and just what is the reason for it all? At bottom, no one really knows.

andquot;No power of genius has ever had the slightest success explaining existence,andquot; wrote the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson. andquot;The perfect enigma remains.andquot;

This does not prevent our incessant wondering and theorizing. In spite of all things, human curiosity has never been quenched for long. Neither the Dark Ages, nor religious fanaticism, nor any amount of thought-suppression has succeeded in quelling the human mind and spirit from the essential question, andquot;Why?andquot;

Science supplies some of the best answers to our many queries. It is through science that we have learned the Earth is neither flat nor the center of the Universe, being hardly so much as a tiny speck in the totality of space. It is also through science that we now know that there are more than three dimensions. To Euclid's three dimensions, Einstein added a fourthtime.

Kaluza and Klein added a fifthlight. Heterotic Superstring Research, going back before the big bang, informs us that in all, there are no less than 26 dimensions in the Universe:

1. Length

2. Width

3. Height

4. Time

5. Light

6. Color

7 Form

8. Feeling

9. Sound

10. Consciousness

11. Relation

12. Differentiation

13. Contingency

14. Necessity

15. Plurality

16. Unity

17. Purpose

18. Choice

19. Potentiality

20. Labor

21. Will

22. Morality

23. Habituation

24. Eventuation

25. Beauty

26. Love

All is measurement.

George James

Crescent City