Should the youth center be under one umbrellaRHS?

If the past history of how Rural Human Services would come to light, my answer would be andquot;no.andquot;

Many of the services that Rural Human Services runs fall under administrative fees and grants.

I was on the library board when RHS ran Del Norte Literacy programor when they mismanaged a good program. To create a program that works, we now have Del Norte Reads because leaders saw through how RHS does things.

A study that is now collecting dust was done by the city, county and school. It said we needed a youth center. It was second on the list next to a skateboard park.

I believe Larry Lakes is missing the boat because to my knowledge, he is not talking to the Boys andamp; Girls Club. We have a teen center in operation now and it is at the Flynn Center. What I would like to suggest to Mr. Lakes is that he should be talking to the Boys andamp; Girls Club people, starting with Ben Cameron.

There is a better location for a teen center than Square Deal. There is a lot next to the new First 5 office that would make a perfect location for a new Boys andamp; Girls Club. Talk about a perfect marriage. First 5 and a teen center with a Boys andamp; Girls Club to manage programs without the administrative fees that Mr. Lakes wants.

It is time to start dreaming without people like Larry Lakes telling us what our dreams should be.

Richard M. Miles

Crescent City