Last week there were small, rather innocuous articles in both the Triplicate and the Times- Standard, describing briefly why President Bush was meeting with Prime minister Harper of Canada and President Felipe Calderon of Mexico. President Bush had stated that the purpose of the meetings (this was the third such meeting) was to andquot;invigorate his relationshipandquot; with our two border nations.

If one looks at what is, allegedly, really going on in these meetings, the purpose is rather to finalize the long term intent of America's neo-con leaders: essentially turn the three into one consolidated nation, particularly economically.

A problem, however, has developed. Apparently members of the teams from the three nations assigned to develop the plans didn't like the real goals of these meetings, and have been leaking information about the real intent of the three leaders of Mexico, Canada and the US.

Remember NAFTA (the Clinton administration)? It has become a disaster for the poor of MexicoAmerican products, foods and so on have been flowing into Mexico and destroying the wages of small Mexican farmers and store owners.

Once dead broke, they move North to the U.S. Many Americans have also complained of the harm done to them by NAFTA.

This new andquot;consolidationandquot; of the three nations is NAFTA on steroids.

According to information leaked about the new Canada, Mexico and U.S. plan, and after reading what is alleged by the leaks, I can see nothing in this new concept that is good for the average American, particularly for working stiffs who have to make a living by the sweat of their brow. Truckers, and perhaps trucking companies have the greatest reason to fear, but we all do.The latest name given this new development seems to be The Highway to Hell.

From new ports created in Mexico and primarily funded by U.S. taxpayers and China (and to a lesser degree, Mexico and Canada), low-cost products from the eastern and southern nations will be shipped by container to new ports in Mexico, off-loaded onto this new super-highway, and hauled-using low-cost trucking, along the new six-lane highway to off ramps throughout the U.S. and Canada.

This is a bonanza plan for industry, but for the average American worker, this will be a disaster.

Walt Morse

Crescent City