I want to respond to Mr. Mario de Solenni's Aug. 22 Letter to the Editor (andquot;U.S. needs to get out of senseless war for Mideast oilandquot;).

Your son understands the importance of fighting this enemy before it became too strong. You, sir, do not realize that the previous president, Hillary Clinton, the Russians, Germans, French, British and the United Nations all told the same story: that Iraq had WMDs.

Just as in Viet Nam, our military is winning the war on the ground. It is our news media that is not giving the full story of what is going on there. Our media relentlessly gives only the distorted picture that we are losing many troops, when in reality our casualty rate is much lower than any war we have fought in.

WWII, Korea and Viet Nam all had much higher casualties. We are not after their oil, or we would already be using it. You are right that congressman Thompson is trying to put limits on the resources that may be off the California Northcoast, just as Pres. Clinton did with the high-grade coal in Utah.

To preserve this country, we need to do four major steps:

1. Stop the liberals from undermining our troops and this country by their ceaseless attacks on our present administration and troops.

2. Stop the teachers in all grades from teaching their anti-American propaganda in the classrooms.

3. Stop paying the A.C.L.U. to bring lawsuits against the very values that made America great, such as the Christian values that our founding fathers believed in.

4. Get rid of career politicians who look out only for the next elections and not what is best for America.

Mr. de Solenni and I agree on most points of his letter, but blaming America for this war is not one of them. Remember the 17 U.N. resolutions made and not followed up on by the U.N. or the former administration?

This is the outcome.

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City