A polite corrective rebuttal is needed regarding George Pantell's abusive criticism of Democratic leadership (Letter to the Editor andquot;Democrats have not helped our country since 9/11,andquot; Aug. 23). Democrats have already proved they are better choice makers, are more capable of producing more worthwhile contributions and have shown their efforts evidence a greater ability to move this country in a positive direction; one which corresponds to the will of the people. The only thing Republicans demonstrate is their exceptional ability to escape responsibility for their actions.

George, in case you haven't noticed, 70 percent of the American people favor withdrawal from Iraq. It is an area in which Democrats have been working hard to achieve. It would increase possibilities for peace, decrease the growing death toll and reduce excessive wasteful spending into more advantageous areas.

It's hardly an apt description to characterize an intelligent withdrawal as andquot;cut and run,andquot; especially from a country who did nothing to us from the beginning, who doesn't want a military occupation and whose lives are threatened daily. The U.S. military presence is not making significant progress in relation to the prevention of terrorism. Many returning veterans will testify to the chaos in Iraq.

Impeachment proceedings represent an integral part of American's ability to participate by utilization of their Constitutional right to bring about change when they feel the government is doing something wrong. My advice to you, George, is to take another closer and more careful look at what's really going on before jumping into reckless criticism of Democrats.

Roger Wilson Galbraith. U.S.N

Crescent City