I just read your article online ( about the continuing saga of the hot air balloon (andquot;Decision labels RE/MAX wall art 'sign',andquot; July 16). I understand the city's standpoint, but I do have to say from a personal standpoint that I thought the balloon with just the RE/MAX logo was not over the top. Crescent City is not a beautiful town and has not been upgraded to it's full maximum possibilities.

The gentleman that fixed up the building that housed Chere's Boutique should be commended, as well as the new Verizon building. When I drive through Crescent City, those two buildings stand out. The Surfside Grill is also a quaint and unique building with atmosphere that you would expect to find in a large city. My point is I only mention a couple buildings here!

The city should really worry about passing a building ordinance with a committee to oversee as my hometown Bandon, Ore., does in it's old town district. Just for the record, that new taco place that just opened in front of Ray's and Safeway is horrendous. If you want to talk about degrading the scenic view of the city, they took a building that had nice architecture (for around here), that was passable in being an attribute and turned it into something that is absolutely gaudy.

Chelle Webb

Crescent City