After reading both the letter andquot;Ehrhardt is a good man who is taking responsibility,andquot; (Letter to the Editor, Aug. 21) and the article andquot;Ehrhardt pleads not guilty,andquot; (Aug. 22). I am a andquot;person in that position,andquot; and I think we can make the huge comparison in both drivers, the coward who hit my son (Josh Lacy), and Mr. Ehrhardt. Both drivers had a moment to contemplate, either do the right thing and own their actions, or as in both cases to flee, leaving the victims and families of their crimes to suffer the consequences.

We don't know the state or capacity of the driver in my son's death, but we know he still fails to recognize his actions. Then we have Mr. Ehrhardt who has been charged, and released on minimal bail after he andquot;allegedlyandquot; killed two people and seriously injured two children, then andquot;allegedlyandquot; left the scene, all while andquot;allegedlyandquot; intoxicated.

I will assume that this isn't Ehrhdart's first time driving after drinking (again andquot;allegedlyandquot;) with his family and friends as witnesses.

So, as far as Ehrhardt feeling regretful, I am sorry but I feel the only thing Ehrhardt regrets is being caught. Again, a andquot;responsible personandquot; and andquot;darn fine manandquot; owns his actions, makes a plea of guilty, saving his victims and the victims' families any more undo pain.

Again, just a comment from an andquot;alleged person in that situation.andquot;

Carlene Lacy

Crescent City