We are a family on a very limited income, as are most people these days.

The other day, our dog was attacked by a much bigger dog. He has four gaping lacerations on his left front leg and a few minor lacerations to his face.

We called every veterinarian in Crescent City, pleading for someone to take care of him and that we couldn't pay for it all at once, but not one of them would comply. One wanted the whole bill up front, one offered to take collateral, and the other flat refused to see him at all.

What in the world has happened here? Since when did caring for animals become all about the money? This poor animal is in pain, and probably won't survive the week because no one will care for him.

Please, if you are a veterinarian, know that we have called your office, and your secretary refused an animal in need.

Thank you for caring?

Julie Jenkins

Crescent City