Instead of getting America's hydrocarbon resources out of the ground and into production, we are involved in a senseless guerilla war in the Middle East, ostensibly to establish democracy in Muslim countries (the initial excuse of finding WMD's having been proved to be a downright lie), but more likely to secure foreign oil resources for America and some of its erstwhile andquot;allies,andquot; a war of which most Americans neither approve nor think winnable at this point. You will excuse my sensitivity on this issue, as my son, Bruno, a 1st Lt. in the Oregon Guard, soon to be a Captain, is about to take his third tour to the Middle East, beginning in March 2008, this time in Afghanistan for a year.

I think he's slightly crazy, but he believes in the war and is looking forward to doing his duty.

The Democrats all claim to be opposed to this war, but they will not just simply de-fund it. Instead they and their enviro cohorts blow hot air about global warming (which has been going on for at least 300 years and clearly is not caused by CO2), place even more restrictions on nuclear energy, do everything they can to impede the development of our hydrocarbon resources, and have guaranteed, this time courtesy of Congressman Mike Thompson, that no hydrocarbons ever will ever be removed from the continental shelf off California. Preserve the view for their enviro supporters and send our kids off to fight and die for foreign oil. That makes a lot of sense. For my money screw the view and keep our kids safe.

We have more hydrocarbon resources in North America than the Muslims, or virtually any other area on the globe, enough for our own needs for three or four centuries into the future, maybe even a thousand years, even if we never touched our nuclear capabilities (the safest and cleanest source of power available). With the latter empowered, we could probably last energy wise until the end of time. Why are we worried about securing foreign oil? Why do we continue to kowtow to whatever interests, neo-con or otherwise, got us into this mess? Are the politicians of the left or right, and their anti-technology enviro friends really interested in preserving this country's future or do they plan to ultimately destroy it, militarily, economically, and maybe even morally?

Mario de Solenni

Crescent City