I am writing with regard to the recent letters written about the hit and run accident that occurred about two weeks ago (andquot;2 killed, kids injured in accident,andquot; August 3).

While I see people comparing this to the Josh Lacy incident, there is a very large difference. The person who hit Josh is out walking the streets, probably even driving them, aware that he or she took the life of a young child and didn't even have the deceny to step forward and take responsibility for his/her actions.

I have known Mike Ehrhardt since I was a young girl. He's a father, grandfather, friend,business owner, ball player, and a darn fine man. The difference between the person who hit Josh Lacy and the tragedy that recently happened is that Mike has taken responsibility for his actions, and will take whatever punishment that the court sees fit to give him.

Mike, his family, his friends, and all of the people in his life understand the severity of the situation. He is taking responsibility. He has been a man and owned up to his fault, but he is the one who must live with what happend every day.

Before we start pointing the finger at our local officials and others in the community, let's step back and realize that until we are in that position, we have absolutely no right to judge anyone.

My heart hurts for those who were lost in the accident, and I am deeply sad for the two children. My heart goes out to those families in the deepest sense. But let's also remember the Ehrhardts, who must now live with what happened every day.

Mary-Michelle Gehr

Crescent City